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Electronic Canvas Ltd.
c/o Drop-n-Go Shipping
101 Main St. South, STE 101
Hutchinson, MN 55350
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Electronic Canvas Ltd.
P.O. Box 114
Darwin, MN 55324
(612) 423-0777

Consumer Price list
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Movie film
8mm or
Super 8
Final DVD
and VINX case
AVI Data disc
for editing
Final DVD, VINX Case
AVI Data discs
 50 feet : 2-3/4" reel
 100 feet : 4" reel
 200 feet : 5" reel
 400 feet: 7" reel

Video tape to DVD


Transfer one tape, up to 2 hours long
Tape format:   VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, 8mm, Hi8, Digital8, DV

Add an Additional Tape to the DVD

  (DVDs hold up to 2 hours of video)
Data-DVD containing an .avi file for editing, per 19 minute segment
Duplicate DVDs or VHS tapes ordered at the same time  
Duplicate DVDs or VHS tapes - restored from ecanvas archives
EZ-Edit DVD with superimposed frame numbers for editing  
Slides $0.25 each + $10.00/Disc + $10.00
Digital Multi-track Audio Recording Contact Customer Service
Reel-to-Reel Audio Recording Contact Customer Service
Background Music Contact Customer Service
Video editing Service
Broadcast quality digital postproduction editing for personal and commercial purposes. Content provided by Electronic Canvas such as background music and stock footage will be quoted for each job
Shipping & Handling

Standard, US mail media rate


UPS Priority Mail



Minimum order $20 plus shipping and handling

Quantity discounts:   Contact customer service ( for discounts on more than 5 items.

Minnesota residents add 6.5% State Sales tax

We accept Cash, Checks and Money Orders.   We also credit cards through Paypal



50 feet of movie film is converted to a 500MB   AVI file

Best Quality obtained with original films or tapes or a good digital copy

Note: we can't duplicate copyrighted content


Copyright Policy:

Electronic Canvas Ltd. will not knowingly make illegal copies of copyrighted material. Each customer will be asked to certify that the material presented to Electronic Canvas Ltd. is free of any copyright restrictions. Electronic Canvas Ltd. will not routinely screen material for copyright infringement. Electronic Canvas will not make copies from source materials containing Macrovision or CSS copy protection, which is detected by the equipment and software, used in the transfer process.


Illegal content:

While Employees of Electronic Canvas Ltd. do not continuously monitor or inspect provided video tapes, auditing of the encoding and transfer process may result in the viewing of content by employees or agents of Electronic Canvas Ltd. If an employee or agent of Electronic Canvas questions the legality of transferring any content during any part of the production process, the process will be stopped and materials will be returned to the owner for legal clarification. The provider of the source tapes will be charged a prorated portion of the cost. Further processing will not take place until the legal questions have been answered to the satisfaction of Electronic Canvas Ltd. Electronic Canvas may alert authorities to unlawful activities.


Damage Policy:

While reasonable care will be exercised to protect submitted materials, there is a possibility that the submitted materials could be damaged or destroyed during processing, shipment, man made or natural events. The submission of any tapes, films or other content bearing media constitutes an agreement by you that if the submitted material is lost or damaged by us, it will be replaced with an equivalent amount of blank media. Except for the replacement of the media, the handling of the submitted material by us is without warranty or liability, even though damage or loss is caused by negligence or other fault.



Privacy Policy:

Video content on tapes or other media may be provided to Electronic Canvas Ltd. This video will be processed by employees of Electronic Canvas Ltd. who may view the content to assure quality and ascertain the starting and ending points of the process. The content of your video may be temporarily stored on removable or stationary media during the video transfer process. Electronic Canvas Ltd. may retain these files for a period of time to enable additional copies to be created without the need for transportation of the original. Copies or derivatives containing your video content will only be issued to the original provider of the videotape or the person(s) designated by that original provider. This policy does not obligate Electronic Canvas Ltd. to retain any backup copies for any length of time.


Our authorized employees and representatives have access to account information and are required to assure your privacy.   We collect information needed to setup and maintain your account and to provide a high level of service.   We will collect information from orders that are processed including your name, address, phone number and other information we may need to properly provide service.   When you pay using a check or bankcard we will collect and maintain your account number, financial institution and account information.   We also will collect information volunteered on our website.   We may use the data we collect to inform you about products or services which may be of interest to you unless you have advised us via written or electronic communication that you do not wish to be made aware of these opportunities.